About GT Church

GT Church exists to help people Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference.


Sunday Services

Each Week at  9 and 11 am

Our Core Beliefs

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Our Vision

To walk with people on their journey to a fulfilling life that is found in Jesus.

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Proclaiming and teaching the word of God

We are committed to proclaiming and teaching the word of God and sharing the good news of who Jesus is and what He desires to do in and through everyone’s life.

The sacred message of the cross of Christ

We hold fast to the sacred message of the cross of Christ and present this message in a way that both challenges and comforts believers and is culturally shaping and relevant to non-believers.

Inspire and Equip

We believe the role of the pastors is to inspire and equip people to do the work of the ministry through faithful service in the church and to our community.

Personal Responsibility

We expect every GT family member to take personal responsibility for the growth of their relationship with Christ. The normal, healthy traits of a follower of Christ are prayer and Bible study as well as selfless acts of service.

Small Groups

We believe that Small Groups of believers meeting regularly for fellowship is key to each member growing in their understanding and love for Christ.



We will faithfully serve the Lord with excellence in every area.  Excellence is giving our best, because God and our mission deserve our best.



We are passionate about missions.  That is why we give on a regular basis to missions work and take groups of people around the world to share the message of Christ.


We Love Our Community

We love our community and exist to positively impact it by reaching out through hands on ministry. We will be led by the Spirit to see a need and to come up with creative ways to fill it.



We believe humility flowing through our lives is the only way to serve Christ and others.



We will make a positive impact on the lives of those who face injustice of all kinds.



We will model acceptance like Jesus.  Our hearts are open to everyone.



We believe that through Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness for all people.



We believe that the tithe and offerings are a pathway to God’s blessing both for the local church and the individual.  We will give cheerfully, generously and faithfully out of obedience to the word of God.



We are great stewards of our finances.  The GT Staff and Church family work hard to eliminate wasteful spending so that we can save and give generously.  We believe God blesses this kind of living so that we can continue to bless others



We are a multicultural body of believers and will strive to become MORE THAN integrated and united



WE LOVE OUR CHURCH!! Therefore we will invite (bring) others and always speak and think positively about our church staff and church family.