The Edge

Print6th through 12th Grade

When: 6:oo-7:30pm, every Wednesday
Where: Edge auditorium,                 GT Church


Even if we don’t realize it in our everyday lives, we are a part of a culture. At the Edge, we have a very simple mantra that we use in order to establish our culture: Know God, Love People, Serve.
Know God – We challenge our students in Scripture, lifestyle and passion. We want our students to know Him through scripture, experience and reason. Furthermore, we want them to be prepared for the world in many ways. Knowing who your God is and what He thinks about you takes you a long way.
Love People – Well, that’s easy! Love people and be nice. It’s so easy to get caught in our emotions of disappointment and regret. We teach our students John 13:34-35 intently, because Jesus wanted us to Love God and Love People above all else. No matter the background, mistakes or current life situation, we want you here and we believe you can make a difference!
Serve – We desire our students to serve and make a difference in their church, local community and education system. Young people can start revolutions and movements that are so powerful and impactful that they change a city! Our goal is to serve in such a way that it instill’s hope in our local community while showing the spirit of Jesus through our servitude!

Different Ministries inside of the Edge:

  • Dance – We have a team of young people who use their gifts and abilities to impact the community around them. They perform in local schools and community organizations to show God’s love.
  • L2 – In our L2 ministry, we focus on social, physical and sexual abuse our students might be experiencing. We have a team of people who dedicate themselves to being available for them and provide outside alternatives to improve their situation.
  • Music – If your student feels that they have a musical gift, we want them to use it for God! We have a worship team every Wednesday night!
  • Drama – Want to act? We have that for you too! We have a drama team that works every week to perform in front of our church body, their associates and the community.
  • Art – Our art team is amazing! Every week we work toward making our youth area look cool, fun and modern!
  • Community-Building – Our students are being developed to not only practice the ways of Jesus in the church, but also in their communities. We provide opportunities for students to be involved in their community by serving it.
  • Edge University – The goal of EU (Edge University) is to prepare our students for the world, answer tough theological, philosophical and practical questions. We want our young people to not only believe in God, but know why they do.
  • Education Team – Our education team is focused on just that, education. We approach our ministry holistically. gtChurch cares about how your student grows spiritually and practically.
  • Technology/Production – Interested in technology and production? We are looking for students who want to run those areas at The Edge!