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Matthew Samuels

Pastor Matt_edited.jpg
Matthew Samuels

Lead Pastor

Pastor Matt Samuels has been a part of the GT church staff since 1993. After graduating from Oral Roberts University he felt called to come to Decatur to be the music pastor. Upon the unexpected passing of Pastor BG Nevitt in August of 2013 Pastor Matt became the lead pastor. He is also pursuing his master’s degree in marriage and family counseling at Lincoln Christian University.  He and his wife Diva have two children BriElle and Nicholas.

Matt and Diva.jpg
Diva Samuels

Worship & Women's Pastor

Pastor Diva Samuels has been the Worship Leader and Women’s Director since 2017.  She and her husband, Lead Pastor Matt Samuels have been married for 27 years and they have two children, BriElle and Nicholas.

Matt and Diva_edited.jpg

Diva Samuels

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Paul Roberts

Executive Pastor

Pastor Paul and his wife, LaRae, have 4 children and have been married for over 20 years. He was the Manager of JanPro Services at Macon Resources, Inc in Decatur for 7 years. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute with a Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Ministry Studies. Paul has been in church leadership for over 20 years and enjoys being outdoors, camping, reading, and watching movies.

Paul Roberts

Jordan Peoples

Youth Pastor

Pastor Jordan has been the youth pastor at GT for the past 2 years. He is a former Video game designer that has a passion to lead the next generation of youth to light the way to find Jesus!

Jordan Peoples

Kelley Mosley

Media Pastor

Pastor Kelley loves media and production. He has had a career in media for 7 years and has learned skills under some of the top professionals in the field. He has a heart to reach as many people as possible sharing the gospel through media and video!

Kelley Mosley

Charity Miller

Executive Administrative Assistant

Pastor Charity is the Executive Administrative Assistant. She has worked at GT Church since February 2013. Pastor Charity loves the way GT feels like such a close family and is involved with the community. 

Charity Miller

Shawnee Warrick

Pre-K Director

Hello I am Shawnee! I love GT Church it is my family. My passion is GT Kids. I am blessed to be one of the first people to speak the word into your children’s lives. I am devoted to teaching your kids God made them perfect and Jesus loves them no matter what!

shawnee warrick

Ashley Kennedy

Elementary Director

ashley kennedy

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